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Expanding Job Market

According to Canada employment trends, jobs for fitness trainers and exercise instructors are expected to increase 7.9 percent through the year 2028.¹

Career Outlook

Convert Your Healthy Lifestyle Into a Career

The benefits of living a healthy lifestyle are numerous, and leveraging your passion for exercise and staying in shape into a career is yet another reward. Bryan College’s Health Fitness Trainer (HFT) program will give you the right hands-on training and fitness certification preparation so you can start working in a fulfilling career.

Attractive Career Opportunities

A diploma in Health Fitness Trainer from Bryan College can put you on the path to varied job opportunities2 in a rewarding field. As a fitness professional, each day provides the opportunity to enhance the health and well-being of others in careers such as:

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness Coach
  • Group Exercise Instructor
  • Sports Performance Coach
  • Clinical Exercise Trainer
  • Fitness Supervisor
  • Fitness Consultant
  • Fitness Appraiser

Employment Opportunities Abound

Health and fitness professionals have a range of opportunities for employment. From corporate settings to healthcare facilities to high-energy gyms and fitness centers, there’s a work environment for all personality types. Examples include:

  • Gyms and fitness facilities
  • Corporate fitness centers
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Self-employment

Career & Job Search Services for Students & Grads

You’ll receive a dedicated career services advisor that provides job search assistance, job networking best practices, interview preparation, and helps you create an eye-catching resume.


1Lightcast occupational overview data for Canada. Last visited on December 6, 2022.

2Example occupations shown herein do not imply a guarantee of employment. Students are responsible for conducting occupational research for their chosen program. Employers have unique hiring practices and job-specific requirements, which may include years of experience for manager positions. Graduates with little to no prior experience should expect an entry-level position.

Program Overview

Program Highlights

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Get the Skills & Knowledge Employers Need

As a student at Bryan College, you’ll attend a top fitness school where you’ll gain extensive knowledge and experience with the course curriculum including:

  • 160 hours of hands-on practical experience
  • Personal and group exercise training
  • National certification test preparation for NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • Core focus on anatomy, physiology and kinesiology
  • Nutrition and weight management instruction
  • Business, finance and marketing skills
  • Clinical training for medical considerations

When you receive a diploma in HFT from Bryan College, you’re immediately prepared for the job market. Our comprehensive course of study improves your marketability and potential.

At Home Fitness Training Kit Included

fitness kit

As a Bryan College online HFT student, you'll get the opportunity to demonstrate your skills using your Fitness Practice Kit, which we ship to your home. The fitness kit contains the following:

  • NOSSK brand Lite Trainer
  • Stackable Resistance Band Set
  • Body Measuring Tape
  • Skinfold Body Fat Caliper
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Upgrade to an Associate or Bachelor's Degree Online

Bryan College partnered with Bryan University online so you can receive transfer credit for your HFT Diploma towards a degree program at Bryan University. You'll have the option of earning an Associate Degree in Applied Exercise & Fitness and a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science, Fitness, & Nutrition Management. Both degrees are offered 100% online, provide discounted tuition rates for HFT graduates, plus you'll earn more certifications through NASM, all included in tuition!

Graduate Success

“I really enjoyed continuing my education in the Advanced Health & Fitness Training program at Bryan College. Our instructors always made class fun and interactive with a lot of in-depth real life case studies to prepare us for our career.” Jackel, HFT Graduate

“I learned the skills and confidence I needed to work in the field. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and always available for support. Attending Bryan College was the best decision to achieve my career goals.” Kelly DaPonte, Bryan College Graduate

Course Descriptions

HTT-100—Personal Training and Sales Fundamentals—140 clocks hours

This course introduces the field of personal training along with the fundamental skills necessary to be an effective salesperson in the field. The history of personal training, professional organizations, certifications, and career tracks in the field are discussed. Students learn about communication skills, interviewing, steps of the sale, and fundamentals of professional conduct and ethics. Additionally, students learn the primal movement patterns and gain practical experience performing many common exercises and movement patterns that will be utilized with their clients.

HFT-101—Body Sciences I—80 clock hours

This course will provide an in-depth look at basic principles of kinesiology, including planes of motion, joints of movement, and joint actions.

HFT-102—Body Sciences II—80 clock hours

This course will provide an in-depth look at how the human body systems interact and function in relation to exercise and movement. Students will learn the various parts and functions of the nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems.

HFT-103—Client Intake and Assessment—80 clock hours

This course covers the fundamentals of conducting health screenings and risk stratifications, as well as tests such as body fat, cardiovascular condition, and various performance tests.

HFT-104— Programming Basics I—80 clock hours

This course covers the fundamentals of designing resistance training, cardiorespiratory training, and flexibility programs. The course focuses on training session components and appropriate exercise selection, progression, and program design variables for resistance and cardiorespiratory training.

HFT-105—Programming Basics II—80 clock hours

This course covers the fundamentals of advanced training programs. The course focuses on appropriate exercise selection, progression, and program design variables for advanced programs and special populations.

HFT-106— Nutrition Fundamentals—80 clock hours

This course covers the fundamentals of nutrition and how food is used by the human body. Students will be able to identify healthy food sources for the various nutrients and decipher reliable and unreliable nutritional information.

HFT-107—Behavior Management—80 clock hours

This course is an introduction to the motivation behind behavior change as it relates to physical activity behaviors. Topics include goal setting, motivating clients, developing an action plan, and communication strategies needed to inspire and sustain long-term healthy habits.

HFT-110—Exam and Career Preparation—80 clock hours

This course prepares students to take the NASM certification exam, paying particular attention to test-taking skills and improvement of weak areas of knowledge, skill, and ability. Students also prepare for their career through resume building activities and interview roleplays.


For a full program summary, including course descriptions, tuition rates, and program highlights, please download:

Download Summary PDF

Attend from the Comfort of Home - 100% Online

At Bryan College, we believe that becoming job-ready demands a different approach to online education. That’s why we built a more innovative, interactive learning environment that is personalized to your needs. You’ll receive:

  • Live webcam interactions and classes with instructors and experts right from home
  • Collaborative networking with peers
  • Personalized learning with user-friendly, adaptive online format and tech support if needed
  • Performance reports to help you track your progress and stay on top
  • Timely, targeted coaching and tutoring to help you learn faster and retain more
  • Option to re-submit your homework to improve your grades

Why Bryan?

  1. Tuition Lock Guarantee. We lock your tuition rate once you enroll, which means it can never go up! Financial aid available if you qualify.
  2. Books, Courseware, and Certification Included (if applicable). We take care of shipping your textbooks and provide you easy access to electronic books and courseware. We also prepare you for national certification or licensing exams, if applicable based on the program.
  3. Focus on Employment. You’ll graduate with a degree targeted for a specific job market and earn skills that match employers’ needs.
  4. Job Search Assistance. As a graduate, you’ll receive career search services, including job networking best practices, sharpening your interview skills, and creating an eye-catching resume.
  5. Learn by Doing. You’ll develop real-world skills by completing simulated or hands-on job tasks and using industry technologies.
  6. Return for Refresher Classes. As a graduate, you’ll have the privilege of auditing previously completed courses still being taught—at no charge—to keep your skills sharp.
  7. Accelerated Programs. You can get started – and finish – fast. We also pre-register you so there are no waiting lists.
  8. Faculty Who Put You First. Our faculty provide you with personalized, individual attention and support.
  9. Career Kits Included With Program. Once you enroll, we provide you a career kit to ensure you’re ready to start school and get a jump-start with the tools to ensure your success.
  10. History of Excellence. We have a 83-year track record of preparing graduates for successful careers since 1940.

Employers Who Have Hired Bryan Grads

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to Bryan College, prospective students must complete the following requirements:

  • Complete a Virtual Tour with an Admissions Representative
  • Fill Out & Sign Registration Documents
  • Pay the Application Fee
  • Provide High School Diploma or GED (If Not Available, then Pass the Entrance Readiness Assessment Online)
  • Finalize a Financial Plan
  • Complete the Online Introductory Course - “Launchpad”
  • Attend Online Orientation
  • Complete a Police Check & Pre-Science Course (Massage program only)


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