We believe in challenging the boundaries of traditional education and in liberating the innate greatness in people.

Bryan graduates are prepared with the knowledge and practical, productive skills that lead directly to high demand professional careers.  They are preferred by employers because they are dedicated, intelligent and immediately productive in the work place.

Our mission is a commitment to our students. This committment includes the self-imposed requirement that students receive a hands-on, experiential education that gives them the practical knowledge and skills to make an impact their first day on the job. It also includes providing students the right tools, teachers, mentors and individualized support to accelerate learning and immerse them in real-world professional environments.

Bryan College History

Bryan College was established in 1940 in Los Angeles, California, with a strong core focus on offering exceptional programs that provide graduates with practical skills employers demand. In 2005, Bryan College opened a campus in Sacramento, California, and in 2011, Bryan College opened a campus in North York, Ontario, Canada.  Both campuses focus on programs that support its brand, maintain its legacy, and continue to support its core values.

Most recently, Bryan College Los Angeles became Bryan University as it received university status offering graduate programs.  Advisory board members and faculty for these programs include highly recognized leading U.S. industry executives and professionals.

Our history dictates that with our focus on students, we’ll continue to excel through education for years to come.

Bryan College Graduate

“Every single staff at Bryan College was extremely friendly, helpful and welcoming in a wonderful facility. Clinic hours, job prep and the amount of attention our instructors gave us was what set us apart from graduates of other institutes.” –Alex, APST Graduate