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How to Find the Best Massage Therapy School in Canada: Everything You Need to Know

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Lydia Giammartino

Do you possess strong interpersonal skills? What about a passion for helping and healing? If so, a career as a massage therapist may be the right fit for you. By enrolling in one of the top massage therapy schools in Canada, you can jumpstart your career and develop the skills you need to branch out into multiple areas of massage therapy, including various general Swedish massage techniques, sports massage, soothe arthritis pain, and more. Enrolling in the right college can help you develop the critical skills and opportunities you need, such as job assistance and interview preparation, to secure employment and excel in this competitive job market. 

The bottom line is that massage therapy is expected to be one of the most in-demand careers in the next calendar year. As the public demand for holistic treatment methods continues to climb, so does the need for massage therapists at medical clinics, hospitals, and health and wellness centers. With the field expected to grow by 8.6% in the coming years, there’s never been a better time to join this exciting industry! 

What is a Massage Therapist? (What Does a Day in the Life Look Like?)

A massage therapist is someone who works in the healthcare field and uses their hands, elbows, and fingers to massage and work out muscle and soft tissue kinks. They may also utilize massage therapies to treat a person’s joint injuries, such as rotator cuff tears or repetitive strain injuries. The overall goal of massage therapy is to provide muscle and joint rehabilitation from various injuries and pathologies. 

In many cases, massage therapists can alleviate pain caused by sports and car accident injuries, as well as improve movement and posture, and overall flexibility. As a massage therapist, your day will consist of developing and implementing treatment plans to address  client concerns/ailments, and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and developments. 

For example, as of 2023, more and more men are getting massages, which is an uptick from years past. Staying up-to-date on the many benefits men receive from these massages, such as lowering high blood pressure, could be a helpful marketing strategy should you eventually open up your own massage therapy clinic or choose to work independently. 

Though there may be variations in your day depending on where you work, the majority of your time will be client-facing. So, if you’ve ever been told how awesome your interpersonal skills are, massage may be the career for you!!

Where You Can Work as a Massage Therapist

Knowing what to expect in your day-to-day as a massage therapist is incredibly useful. However, so is knowing where you can work. Like many careers in the healthcare industry, you will have a lot of choices when it comes to where you want to work as a massage therapist, including how many hours. 

Most massage therapists find opportunities in medical and rehab clinics. Here, therapists typically get significant control over their schedule and how many clients they treat in a day. They can work independently forming treatment plans for a variety of conditions or they work as part of an interdisciplinary healthcare team, working alongside doctors, physiotherapists, and chiropractors to provide well rounded, comprehensive treatment options.

Another place you can work as a massage therapist is on a cruise ship! If you have a travel bug, this could be the perfect environment to help others all the while connecting with your adventurous spirit. 

Other environments you can work as a massage therapist include: 

  • Long-term care homes
  • Hospitals 
  • Chiropractic offices
  • Fitness clubs
  • Pain management centers
  • Medical spas
  • and more!

Signs of a Good Massage Therapy School in Canada

Now that you know all of the expansive ways you can grow your career as a massage therapist, it’s time to find a school! However, when looking for massage therapy colleges in Canada, what qualities should you look out for? 

Here are just a few:

Flexible Schedule 

Oftentimes, many students who enroll in massage therapy courses, are doing so because they want to start a new career path. As such, you may be choosing to pursue this new industry while holding down full-time employment, owning a home, and raising children. This is where having a flexible schedule comes into play. 

Though the schedules vary depending on which college you choose, you may want to look for one that offers one course at a time. This can help you strike a balance between work, home life, and school. 

Offers Hands-On Experience

To advance in your career as a massage therapist, you need to first be taught by the best - and that includes working with experienced and licensed instructors who can offer you hands-on experience.

When it comes to excelling in your career as a massage therapist, books can only take you so far. Instead, you need to gain hands-on experience that can translate into the real working world. One of the factors that can help you choose the right massage therapy schools in Canada is by seeing where they have partnerships for providing outreach hours outside of the school’s internal student clinic. These outreaches allow students to use the tools and techniques they’ve learned in class and apply them in the public sphere and outside of the student clinic ‘bubble’. 

Doing so not only helps you develop your therapeutic skills but also allows you to practice your interpersonal and critical thinking skills. Being able to connect and communicate with clients is a big part of the massage therapy industry. The more real-world experience you can gain while you’re in class, the better prepared you’ll be to work in the industry upon graduation. 

Offers a Licensing Preparation Course

An important and necessary part of becoming a massage therapist is passing your licensing exams with the College of Massage Therapists in your respective province. 

A good massage program values the success of their students and passing these crucial exams, earning their massage therapist title, is a big part of that. A quality massage school will include a licensing preparation course at the end of the program to ensure all their students have the tools they need to be successful in gaining their license to practice.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Massage Therapist in Canada?

At Bryan College, you can become a massage therapy graduate in as little as 78 weeks! 

Bryan College’s Massage Therapy Program in Canada is based on taking a total of 21 courses that cover topics such as neurology, client assessments, anatomy, massage theory & techniques, physiology, and pathology. 

Begin Your Rewarding Career as a Massage Therapist Today!

There’s no better time to join this fast-growing industry. If you’re ready to begin your career and are considering quality massage therapy schools in Canada, look no further than Bryan College

Our courses are meticulously designed to offer you the very best learning experience and set you up for success upon graduation. You can request info online or give our staff a call at 1-888-641-6300. Your exciting career as a massage therapist is only one call away!

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